Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gasoline prices in 2013

As we have seen, gasoline prices are on the rise again. This report from WJZ CBS in Baltimore provides more details:

At the rate we’re going experts say $4 a gallon is just around the corner.

2013 is on track to be one of the most expensive years to fill ‘er up. Gas prices in Maryland are up 16 cents in just one month. Nationally, they are up 17 cents. AAA says it’s just the beginning.

“The way prices have been increasing over the past few weeks we wouldn’t be surprised to see prices approach near $4 a gallon here in Maryland,” said Christine Delise, AAA.
Rising gasoline prices have a definite effect on real estate sales and values.  Four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline prices have had a stifling effect on the economy in recent years.  The rising fuel prices and their effects will not be limited to one geographic area.  For the first time, gasoline prices may rise higher than $4.00.  

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