Monday, June 18, 2012

Rent or Buy?

The Wall Street Journal included a column on Saturday about a dilemma facing many potential homebuyers in recent years - a dilemma made worse by the collapse of the real estate bubble - whether to rent or to buy:
The worst part of the house hunt, however, isn't the real-estate agents repeating, "Now is a great time to buy!" Nor is it the multiple offers anything half-decent seems to attract. It's the arguing between Alejandro and me whenever we broach the topic of whether it is technically smarter to rent a house or to buy one.

"Renting is just throwing your money away each month!" Alejandro declares.

"Only a moron buys in a place where it's cheaper to rent! How can you not see something so obvious?" I answer, charmingly.

While the columnist lives in Los Angeles, the same considerations apply throughout the country.

CNN Money posted an article last year summarizing the calculations for making such a decision.

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