Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harrisburg passes Ordinances 13 and 14; Rental inspection program

Harrisburg City Council voted unanimously last night to adopt Bills 13 and 14. These bills have been pending in various forms for almost 4 years. They impose new registration requirements on landlords as well as vicarious liability on the landlord and property manager for the actions of tenants. Bill 13 also imposes a residency requirement (plus 50 miles) for owning investment property in the City.

Bill 13 expands the inspection period from three years to five years. The passage of Bill 14 shifts the city's emphasis from inspection upon purchases of residential properties to regular inspections purely of investment properties. Regular inspections have been required by law in Harrisburg since 1996. Proponents of Bills 13 and 14 have argued that the inspection program was not previously enforced because City manpower focused on inspection of residential purchases. City officials have previously stated that this program will increase revenue for the City.

These bills passed on the same night that the City voted to proceed with a bankruptcy filing and voted to increase parking fees.

update - Breitbart confirms today that Harrisburg has filed its bankruptcy petition.

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