Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Copper thefts in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County; downspouts, gutters

Click here for previous posts on increasing thefts of copper (and other metals) and how they reflect rising inflation. Previously, metal theft has focused on utility wires, catalytic converters, air conditioners, transformers, railroad tracks, etc. Abandoned or rehab real estate has often been targeted for copper theft in recent years.

From CBSPhilly.com comes the story of copper thefts targetting gutters and downspouts in occupied homes in Montgomery County:
A rash of copper thefts in Montgomery county has residents on alert

They may not seem like your typical targets, but thieves in Montgomery County are looking for copper. Gutters and downspouts made of the precious metal are being stolen from people’s homes along the Main Line.

Lower Merion Township Police have reported a significant increase in the thefts of copper down spouts and gutters being taken from homes throughout the area.

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