Monday, October 18, 2010

Cotton price surge matches other commodities; Inflation and its consequences for real estate

I have written earlier about rising prices in such commodities as wheat, fuel and gold. Now cotton has joined the list of commodities with surging prices:
The cotton surge is part of a broad-based commodities rally since the beginning of the year, underpinned by fears over a weakening dollar, healthy demand from emerging markets and various weather-related supply disruptions. Along with cotton, prices of so-called soft commodities such as sugar, orange juice and coffee all have soared, adding to concerns that consumers might soon be paying higher prices for daily necessities.

Surging cotton prices should have the same effect on agricultural real estate as surging wheat prices (although not directly in Pennsylvania).

As commodities surge, the dollar declines.

It is better for investors to consider the effect of an overall commodity surge now before the effect on real estate prices becomes apparent. Rampant inflation, if and when it arrives, will affect all real estate prices regardless of interest rates.

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