Friday, May 28, 2010

Harrisburg uses National Guard to board up houses; Clean and Seal; South 15th Street

The following story from WHP tv-21 attracted some attention this week in Central Pennsylvania:
The 400 block of Harrisburg's S. 15th Street looks like a war zone. And that was before the five-ton truck pulled up onto the curb Tuesday, and several uniformed Pennsylvania National Guardsmen got out.

The City and the National Guard are engaged in a:
. . . joint effort to board up abandoned buildings to prevent children and drug dealers from getting inside. The Guard runs a Counter Drug Program that features a "Clean and Seal" team. That is who will be hard at work on the streets of Harrisburg in the coming days.

First Sergeant Sean Whelan told CBS 21 News that his people will be in the city through Friday, boarding up at least 15 vacant structures.

This program does not address the more fundamental problems that have prevented the real estate in question from achieving its maximam potential, such as title defects resulting from prior tax sales. We will explore those issues in future posts.

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